Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Madness

Whewy, that was another hot one!  There was a great turnout at the St. Christopher Children's Home Walk/Run.  They raised $50,000(EC) more than last year, which is fantastic (and necessary with the gov't cutting its monetary input, despite placing more kids in there). It was a beautiful day, but with no clouds meant another incredibly hot run (we think they should have it a little later than the 4pm start time). Now I didn't take as many pictures as last time (since I actually wanted to get a decent time), but for vista shots, here's last year's post.

They added face painting to the preliminary activities and that was definitely a hit.

Even Mr. X got into the spirit and put on some war paint.

Of course, when Michael found out that Mr. X had gotten his face painted, he ran over to the table too. The guy doing Michael's face, initially misunderstood what he asked for (there was music overhead), so he almost ended up with a B on his forehead.

But eventually, he ended up with what he wanted.

It says "Beat X" if you can't tell. Note how sweaty he already is. We all were. It was really hot! Then it was time for the warm-up. Go Mr. X!

Time to line up. You'll note Kat, Michael, and X gunning for the front.

You'll also note all the kids in the front.

Now, I know we were doing this for the kids, but this set up ends up not quite working out. They take off like rockets and then within 1-2 minutes have pooped themselves out. Then they're in the way of the rest of us as they meander around with their hands on their hips. With still a little energy to expend, they run past you again and then stop....again. It's quite frustrating if you're actually trying to make time. Another suggestion to the organizers is to let the kids get 1-2 minutes lead (we understand they want the excitement of going first), but just don't put the clock on. Then let the rest of us go and get the timer going. Just saying. As usual, I ended up in the middle of the running pack.

Walkers were waaaaaaay back there (that's the Marriott, the main organizer of the event, in the background).

I eventually started passing people, but still wasn't able to take Heather who stayed about 30-45 seconds ahead of me the whole time.

Eventually, we saw the leaders on the return trip. There's Michael! No sign of Mr. X or Kat (or anyone).

Now, the course is set up to let you walk a 3K or run the 5K, but of course some walkers walk the 5K and some cheaters run the 3K. Like Popcorn. I couldn't believe it when he ran out in front of me from a different path. He had a good pace going, but I made sure I passed that short-cutting miscreant.

We were really happy to see Dave (right) not only back on island, but competing (in the walk) after suffering a heart attack a couple of months ago. Looking good Dave (and Steve)!

Twenty-six minutes later, I was coming toward the finish line! Yay!!

Unfortunately, Michael did not beat Mr. X or Kat. While X didn't place, Kat, of course, finished first for all the females (in 20 minutes according to her GPS watch) and in the top 5 overall, so now has matching trophies to use as bookends. All the kids who participated got medals (which was a nice touch).

Kat'll also get a dinner certificate to eat at the Shiggidy Shack so she can rub it in Mr. X's face one last time that she came in ahead of him. Another great addition to this year's event was that they had veggie burgers in the food line. Yay! And beer - I missed getting Kat's jig on film. We stayed and ate, drank, and danced. This little one was adorable. She could barely stand, but she actually was dancing here.

One of the children from the home gave a great thank you speech, reminding us of why were there. She was just beaming when everyone clapped afterwards.

Then the mosquitoes came out and it was time to go. Nothing like having a good time for a good cause. Today (Sunday) is horse racing at the Beaumont Race Track and although I'm determined to check it out some time (it's free), with Michael working 6/day weeks (yes, he worked before he ran; so did Kat), Sunday is just made for reading a good book on the beach.

Now that it's fall (that's what I heard anyway), all kinds of events are coming up. In addition to the usual fish fry's, Lobsterfests, karaoke, buffets, etc. etc. there are lots of larger events planned as well. If you're into soca/dancehall, the Beenie Man (and others) are having a concert on Friday (Oct 7th).  Saturday (Oct 8th) involves the Hash Limpics  (here's last year's festivities - don't miss them this year: Part I; Part II). I know I'm looking forward to the Latin Fiesta next Sunday (Oct 9th) down at Spice Mill. Our Puerto Rican pal with Kajola-Kristada organized this last year as a way of bringing some Latino flavor to the island and it was really a lot of fun (see post). This year they've planned to make it bigger and better, so if you're here - don't miss it!

The following Saturday (Oct 15th), Sandy Point Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd (SPACS) is having a food fair all day long in Sandy Point. It's being held in conjunction with World Food Day (which is actually on the 16th - ??!), operating under the theme “FOOD PRICES – FROM CRISIS TO STABILITY” this year. A launch parade for the upcoming carnival season (Sugar Mas) will also be sometime that day (Facebook).

And, of course, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so the 3rd weekend will consist of two events organized by the Essence of Hope Foundation (Facebook). First up on Saturday evening (Oct 22nd) is the Pink & White Gala, to be held at the Marriott. The following Saturday (Oct 29th) will be the Race for Life Walk-A-thon (Registration Form)

Also that final weekend, you've got Island Xpressions Poetry Night on Thursday (Oct 27th), A Stitch in Time concert on Friday night (Oct 28th), and on Saturday (Oct 29th) the Diabetes Association would like some support and will give you a snorkeling trip on a catamaran in return (uh oh, there's a hash that day).   Buddies will be having a Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween party that night too, so that should be interesting. All these are on my calendar if you want details.