Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moorings, Birthdays, and Lameness

We've noticed that 5 or 6 moorings have been installed in White House Bay, one boat is already on one (see Jacumba down there?),

so Michael decided to snorkel on one and see how it was installed (it seems he's gotten over his shark fear in this anchorage).

You readers of Idiots, know that the original moorings, installed by someone else, were done poorly with sand screws that did not penetrate the seabed and caused us some drama. This time, huge boulders were dropped, holes bored in the center, and metal hardware installed from the boulder to the ball above water. They're pretty substantial. I'd trust a boat attached to that.

There were lots and lots of fish under the floating dock.

I emailed the folks in charge to get the details - how much, how to pay, etc. - but unsurprisingly haven't heard back. I will find out....

Next up - our second Monday of debauchery in a row (last week was the St. George's day affair). The "cause" this time around was Derek's birthday. It was Mr. X's a couple of days ago too, but he calls it his earthday.

Here we go again!

Before we made it too far out, a lantern that I think was planned to be lit from beneath and released to fly up into the sky, instead got thrown into the water thanks to one of the many wind gusts (yes, it was very windy). Monkey Michael...Maybe someone should have grabbed his feet.

He did get it back up and off we went. Time for the usual putt putt along the coast and the slow loosening up of the crowd.

We made sure to whoop and holler as we passed these folks, just in case they needed some excitement. You'll note, we toured this yacht last year (see post).

The usual food. It's all about the garlic bread. You think people were hungry? Sheesh.

The usual speeches by the usual "old married couple" (they hate being called that).

As entertaining as ever though.

Then some gift giving (golf balls) and cup cakes.

And then the usual deterioration into dancing mayhem. We had to hold onto poles to keep from getting knocked over from the swells that picked up while we were out there.

Here's something that's not usual. Fireworks. On a boat...head shake.

Ah yes, another good time aboard the Shiggidy Express. I'm really surprised more people don't do this. It's perfect for wedding parties, family get-togethers, etc. and is pretty cheap considering what you get ($50US/pp - 3 hours, food, booze, boat ride, dancing).

So I got my first boating magazine review (pp. 62-63) and the guy called my book "lame." It's too bad he didn't get it. A lot of well-seasoned sailors who read it did, so I'll stick with the positive vibes I'm getting from the feedback so far. I was curious if the reviewer had ever cruised before, so checked out his profile. It's outdated by 7 years (he was going cruising in 2005) and the link to his sailing blog doesn't work. I'm unimpressed. I did find his blog and it consists of one run-on entry (one post from 2008 about a trip in 2005).  He did cruise for one year, so at least he read the book knowing what living aboard was like. He's entitled to his opinion, but I hope potential readers make up their own minds. BTW, a picture paints a thousand words - I consider exclamation points a picture. I can write like a bore too, I've written many a technical report with nary a !, and I am good enough to express an emphasized thought without them, but I didn't want to in this instance. A Sail of Two Idiots isn't a thesis - lighten up.